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John Chandler |
Just to say hi and to wish you all the best fro the new season!
9 March 2011 - Southampton
Paul Murphy |
Hi all, have just found this site and have many happy memories of my time in the Band in the 70's. Fr Campion was an inspiration to us all and was highly thought of within the community. It was a fantastic organisation then and looks like it still is today! Well done to all.
16 February 2011 - Essex England
paul miller |
faith of our fathers god bless everyone in that wee bit of gods country
6 February 2011 - iraq
Mgr Glaschu |
A' charaidean, I have a snare/side drum, which I love to play, i'm not saying i'm any good, but love it all the same, i'm 40 year old, and would like to enquire about either learning from you all, with a view to joining the band, please, any info would be greatfully appreciated, m๒ran taing.
13 January 2011 - Glaschu, Alba.
Danny Ferry |
i played the in the band in the late 50's - mid 60's. great memories, gave some old photos to Tony.
1 January 2011 - Glasgow
Danny Ferry |
I played played in the band late 50's to mid 60's, great to know the band is still going strong, lots of great memories, i have some old photo's to Tony Devlin and met up with Connie Heagearty who i had not seen for 40 years we had a good chat about the band and the old times in Balbriggan.
27 December 2010 - East Kilbride, Glasgow
Vladimir Beloborodov |
Hello David, Marry Christmas and Happy New Year from Russia to you and your pipe band! How are you getting on? Best regards from Russia,
24 December 2010 - Lysva, Perm Russia
Tammie Conlon |
Hi everyone glad to see the band is doing really well. Miss coming on a monday and a friday but i bet you need a drum major anymore lol. Let me know how you are all keeping love you loads.
7 November 2010 - Paisley
Wilma Bonner |
Hi All What happened to the earlier pictures. Hope some of you can make it over to Moville next year
5 November 2010 - Moville
Neil Duffy |
Hello to all in the Gorbals, I was in the band in the 70s, looking back it was some craic, travelling near and far, I think Fr Campion deserves a lot of credit for all he did for us in our youth, He organised Cubs, Scouts, Boys Guild, Pipe Band, Football Teams etc, He was a great man to keep it all going, My two brothers Martin and Michael were in the band in the 80s, sadly Michael passed away in Feb 08, at the young age of 39, I thought you might include them in the Roll Call, Its good to see the band still going strong, great credit to all involved, All the best to all my old buddies and all who know me, Cheers
26 August 2010 - Inishowen, Co Donegal, Ireland

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