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Frances Connolly ( wee Peanjo) lol |
Hail Hail I'm still waiting on the ST FRANCIS CD well were is it im downloading all sorts of pipes and Drums but it's not the 1's a want mon bhoys sort it out n put me out ma misery :o) I'm leaving my email so anybody remember me fae the souside do drop a email cheers xXx
4 September 2006 - Hertford Herts
John Todd |
Great site and a great pipeband, heard you play at the Worlds 2006 and now trying to talk my daughter into joining the band by telling her about our family history that stretches back to the Gorbals in the 1890's.
1 September 2006 - East end of Glasgow
Billy Allison |
Well done to you Jenny for competing so splendidly in the ladies Scottish Backhold Wrestling - in-between your band performances at the Bridge of Allan games last Sunday. Your band mates cheered you on brilliantly. I reckon there is great espirit de-corp in St Francis. Billy Allison President Scottish Wrestling Bond
8 August 2006 - Bearsden
your band was great in Klatovy, I particularly thought the drummers were exceptional! well done !!
12 July 2006 - klatovy

Webmaster comments   Aye drummers will do anything to get some praise!
Wee Stevie Waddell (the wee ginger dude)
hey you crazy bunch lol. . .nice to see ya are all livin it up an well done tae debbie lol. . .hope ye are all good. . am out in canada wit ma regiment soakin up the sun lol o well someones gotta do it lol. .does anyone have esthers email they could give plz cos i lost it lol.cheers all
4 July 2006 - CARNAIDIER
Michael Black |
Just a quick note to congratulate Debbie in her new post. Hope all goes well any you have great success in the future.
4 June 2006 - London,UK
Wilma Bonner |
Sorry my last message did not get through. We were disapointed the band did not make it to Moville this year. We all enjoyed your trip in 2005. Maybe you will come over again in 2007, You will be most welcome. Wilma
24 May 2006 - Donegal
Jim Sweeney |
Hi guys just found the site, I had a brief spell in the band and looking at the 70s picture I remember a few of the faces, Sandy taught me, I remember playing Christmas morning and getting pelted unintentionally with coins wrapped in newspapers being dropped from the Caledonia Rd Flats and a stint at the Plaza when I was about 11 or 12, remember playing Mull of Kintryre which as all the rage, we had Ian playing Solo then we all trooped in for the chorus, the place was going wild. Also remember a great summer with the cubs in Bray in Ireland with Campion Happy Days Great wee site keep it going
29 April 2006 - Cheshire
Terry (wi' the high left airm!)Strain |
Jacobus - you're just sooking up to the pipe major!! I'll give you a golden straw next time i see you! spew spew spew!!
23 February 2006 - Merchant City South!! hmm
Jacobus (doesn't get oot much) Harrison
:cool: Well done Debs, hope the band has loads of success (and trips abroad) :cool: Jacobus xx
18 February 2006 - Cumbernauld

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