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Klaus |
Hello "Franc's". The Member of the URPD are dry again and have come safely in Germany. We thank quite warmly for the nice hours which we might spend with you. We see ourselves, Klaus (Möppel)
27 August 2007 - Dortmund (Germany)
Willie Armstrong |
Just bought the CD, was very pleasantly surprised indeed. Keep up the good work and remember to look out for the new Red Hot Chilli Pipers CD soon. All the very best.
11 August 2007 - Cumbernauld

Webmaster comments   Thanks for that Willie. Its great to see another of our former members achieving such acclaim. Best of luck with your new CD and continued success with your music.
Marie Ford-Joss |
My dad Gordon Ford was a 'Scotchie' (known locally in Balbriggan) who use to visit Balbriggan with St. Francis Pipe Band in the 1940's. He met my Mum Maura Doherty at a dance in the town and they went on to marry and have 6 children, 5 boys and me. They moved back to Lawmoor St in the Gorbals after they got married then onto Castlemilk. The family moved to East Kilbride where I was born. Unfortunately the family broke up and my Mum took all 6 of us back to Balbriggan where we were brought up. I moved back to East Kilbride 14 years ago. We lived on Bath Road which takes you to the Martello Tower field where the band use to camp. I grew up with the 'Scotchie' and have fond memories of their stays in Balbriggan. The Band members were a nice bunch of guys and to my knowledge never caused any trouble in the town. Many of them married local girls, just like my Dad. Both of my parents have passed away now. I look forward to any pics and stories of St Francis Pip Band that may be on the Balbriggan web site.
3 July 2007 - East Kilbride Formly Balbriggan Eire
Fr. Michael Blackburn OFM |
Hello to all my friends of SFPB. Just dropping in to let you know that even people up here in the Northwest of the U.S., more specifically Spokane, Washington (the state, not D.C.)have now heard of you. I have told a lot of my parishioners about you. Know that I miss you and pray for you daily. Can't wait till I return for another visit. God bless. Peace, Fr. Michael Blackburn OFM
24 June 2007 - Spokane, Washington USA
Very warm hello from Guinness-we look forward to our coming to Glasgow in August-seen you again Greetings from Germany GUINNESS & HEIKE
13 May 2007 - BOCHUM
Tom McCrorie |
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your visit to Dortmund,special thanks to Terry for the quick lesson on the snare.Hope to see you again sometime in the future.
6 May 2007 - Dortmund,Germany
Uwe and Iris |
Hello saint Francis, it was a beautyful weekend, we enjoy our stay in Dortmund. We are so glad to see you at August in Glasgow. Greetings from Uwe (the Driver of the oldest Bus from Germany) and Iris
5 May 2007 - Dortmund/Germany
Shirin |
Hello to David Plizga and David Maclean. Thank you for making a photo with me last weekend here in Dortmund (my home town). I was the little girl wearing a kind of kilt (of course it was just a short skirt ;-)) I enjoyed your show really much. Hope to see and hear you again anywhere and anytime. Tìoraidh an-dràsda Shirin
2 May 2007 - Dortmund - Germany
Silke |
I enjoyed seeing the band perform yesterday here in Dortmund. Good luck and all the best for the future!!
30 April 2007 - Dortmund
Klaus |
Hi! Thank you all for a fantastic Weekend! Hope to meet you again very soon.
30 April 2007 - Dortmund (Germany)

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