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Hugh Nelson |
Just been to Band on Fri.05/12/08 pop in now and again to see Antony (Ants)I was delighted to receive statuette of a Drummer for services to Pipe Band. I first played with the Band at the May Procession on May 1949.(long time ago.) I was interested to read message from John McCusker.( cant place face would like a picture.) Happy Times.
7 December 2008 - Glasgow Scotland
MaryEllen McLaughlin |
My three brothers,Junior,Peter and Martin were in the band and now my niece Colette. I am desperetely looking for photo's of the band at Murryfield when you played for the Pope, to take over to Peter in Italy, can anyone help. Will return them.
10 November 2008 - cathcart glasgow
Jack Curran |
I posted an e-mail vis 'Gorbals Live'. It was just to inform you that I attend chanter lessons in 1955 at St Francis. The instructor was a guy called Sandy. Although I was 8 years old I remember he had some fingers missing due to to the war. He was nevertheless, a great teacher and taught us to read music. Does any one remember him?
20 August 2008 - London
Christine Emmons (McGhee) |
Whilst looking for photos of my 18yr old I found one of Charlie (Gadget) Molloy in uniform circa 1970 then found a note in the guest book Can this be the same one?
26 May 2008 - Los Angeles California
Raymond Moran |
James J Moran My father and son of drum sergeant James Moran founder along with Dan Keenan of the band died today 3rd may 2008 in Ireland aged 83 years we will be bringing him home to his beloved Glasgow on 8th May.His father (my grandfather) was the drum instructor in 1926 if you look at the photo he is the man on the right.My father often talked of the boys coming round his house above the boundary bar Springburn where they practised on an old chest every sunday afternoon. Can anyone out there add to this story? I wanted him to write the story down but sadly he didn't.
3 May 2008 - Highlands of Scotland
John Mc Cusker |
Foun this by 'accident'. Played in the band late 1950's into 1960's. Some really brilliant memories. Still got my drumsticks!! Can play a wee bit these days, but hey my memories will never fade. Remember playing at Parkhead, Glenties supporters club nights, Old Folks treats, The Kelvin Hall, as part of massed bands, Odeon Cinema, etc etc, and never forgetting Balbgiggan!!. Names I remember, John O'Neill, Connie Haggerty, Jimmy Brennan, The Mc Culley brothers, John Mc Ninch (brilliant guy!), Hughey Nelson, Frank Gaughey, Willie Gaughey, Charlie Stewart, Danny Ferry, Tommy Masterson, Danny Gallagher, Brian Adie, Minds Gone Now!! Got some old photo's somewhere, try to find them, so chuffed to find the site, magic!!
1 May 2008 - Lancashire (can't say inglund)
charles molloy |
I was delighted to discover the site and to see I got a mention as "Gadget" (don't ask, it's along story)in the roll call. I played in the band (bass drummer) from the late 1960's through to 1971 alongside 2 of my cousins, Jimmy Cleary and Kevin McCole. Some other names from the time - Charlie Feely, James Moran, Junior McLoughlin, Tam O'Donahue. I'm sure I've got some photos somewhere from one of the May Processions - must dig them out. It's great to see that the band is thriving.
17 April 2008 - Delhi, India
Klaus |
Hello . to all "Franc's" and her families glad Christmas and everything good for 2008 Klaus
21 December 2007 - Dortmund (Germany)
Bill McIntosh |
My late Dad is the young piper bottom row.last on the right (next to Bro Pascal) He was born in 385 Mathieson St ,Gorbals.Keep up the great work guys .Hail Hail
10 November 2007 - Johannesburg csc
linda |
hey Tony, hows you was down on Friday there but didn't go into see the drummers hows you and the family? is wee Anthony playing the drums now? cute x
12 September 2007 - Glasvagas

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