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Martin Shaw |
Wow, what a fantastic sound! Just had the pleasure of seeing and hearing the band at Martin and Siobhan Beveridge's wedding in Rutherglen. Absoloutely amazing, well done!
5 July 2010 - Hull, England
Paolo Pireddu |
Hi, my name is Paolo Pireddu and I'm the president of a youth organizzation called "giovani di Villaurbana". We organize an event where many folk groups of our island (Sardegna, Italy) participateand showing their traditional costumes and sounds. I wish we could be here for August 5 to 9 a dozen of your boys/girls or man/woman. We'll host you at our expenseand, you should only think of air travel. You might be interested? what are the costs for your participation? We are a youth organization and would like to show our fellow citizens the beauty of your tradition!!! I wait your reponse and I hope that it's possible. P.s. I could have you already contacted for the European program "youth in action" so I apologize for the inconvenience. Best regards Paolo Pireddu
12 April 2010 - Italy
Klaus |
Hello to all "Francs" and her families glad Christmas and everything good for 2010 Klaus and the "United Ruhr Pipes and Drums" Dortmund Hope to see u very soon !!
19 December 2009 - Germany
Fr. Michael Blackburn OFM |
It's been a while since I've e-mailed but I just wanted to let you know that I will be in Scotland for a 3 week holiday in August 2010. I look forward to seeing you again and hearing you play. You're the best. God bless. PS. Hello to David and Tony
9 December 2009 - Spokane, Washington USA
John McGeever |
Been doing a lot of work on my family history and came across yours. Great to see your presence on the web. The time I spent in the band with the trips to Dublin, Luxembourg, Belgium etc. were the best days of my teenage years. We had so much fun. I always regret leaving the band and choosing the Clarinet instead. Although Ian used to teach me clarinet, it worked against me 'cos I had to choose between the two. Tommy Harrison keeps me informed of the old band members we have lost and can't believe it's been 25yrs since Father Campion died. we were all devastated. Keep up the good work and the tradition.
9 September 2009 - Bicester, Oxfordshire
Jim Sweeney |
Hi I posted on the site a couple of times, first time back in 2006, never did make the roll call. ? Hi guys just found the site, I had a very brief spell in the band, and looking at the 70s picture I remember a few of the faces, Sandy taught me, I remember playing Christmas morning and getting pelted unintentionally with coins wrapped in newspapers being dropped from the Caledonia Rd Flats and a stint at the Plaza when I was about 11 or 12,. Also remember a great summer with the cubs in Bray in Ireland with Fr Campion, used to live in 305 Caledonia road same block as John “Yogi” Mc Vey
31 July 2009 - Cheshire
margaret ballingall |
Please add John Ballingall and Jack Upton to the 40s and50s roll call
13 April 2009 - Scotland
Eddie Dougall |
found the site yesterday !! Great. I was in the band from around 1967 to 1976 played drums leading tip and drum major ! Remember John McNinch, Sandy McGraw. Two great teachers and nice guys . Fr Campion! ballbriggan.yes it was all good stuff ! best wishes Eddie Dougall
31 March 2009 - Bonny Scotland ! where else !
Tommy Harrison (The Cat)
Just saying hi to everyone from the Sooside and the greatest little band in the world.
18 March 2009 - Lanarkshire
Sabine and Klaus |
The United Ruhr Pipes and Drums from Dortmund sends glad Christmas and a good slide in the new year
23 December 2008 - Dortmund (Germany)

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