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mick derrick |
this sites rubbish where is a the brilliant stuff aboot me and how great a was at the pipes. Aw aye and the tenor drums are still the Mickey Mouse instrument ae the band.
21 April 2005 - oslo
j mcculloch |
i played in the band until aug 1959 just more info for your web pages
20 April 2005 - gorbals

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follower from belfast
I heard the girls were also a big hit in moville, especially those drummer girls. They looked very smart and professional!
7 April 2005 - Belfast, NI
Wilma Bonner |
It was greaty to have the boys over in Donegal for St Patrick's Day 2005.
It brought back many memories
Hope it is not the last time they come to Moville.
29 March 2005 - Co Donegal. Ireland
Paul |

It is a great website,

I like the band uniform, the Kilts etc.
What Tartan is it ?
2 September 2004 - Glasgow
john |
Cool site!!!!! :-)!
29 July 2004 - USA
mon the hoops!!!
does anyone ever write on this site!!!, keep checking to see what people are up too, but they are never any new messages what ever happened to the old ones like harty, paddy bonner and the mcdonald brothers and the famous davie plizga
29 May 2004

Webmaster comments   Hello Mon the hoops. Why not leave your name or email address. Not everyone leaves mesages so ye never know who might make contact. Don't be so shy!
John Stewart
Nice to have had the band to Galway, Ireland on 17th March, for our national St.Patricks Day parade.

Great piping!
18 March 2004 - Galway, Ireland
Chris Mc Guire |
Lots of good memories with the band. I still have a drumming shield that I won in a drumming competition way back. I think my ma still has it in Glasgow.
8 November 2003 - Vancouver Canada.
17 September 2003 - WHERE ELSE- THE GORBALS!

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