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Fr. Michael Blackburn OFM |
Hello to all my friends in the Pipe Band. I was pleased to find your web site. I will never forget my time at Blessed John Duns Scotus. I am still practicing my chanter but not as frequently as I was. Still I hope to learn the pipes someday.I hope to see you in August when I return for a 2 week holiday. God bless. PS. A special hello to David and Anthony.Thanks for your patience and encouragement.
26 January 2006 - Spokane, Washington USA
Dan and Tel |
Do you remember Rubys.the shop in the arcade facing the flats that sold paraffin and other nonsense?? Was she the most beautiful creation in the Gorbals? DId she make your para "diddle" or your bass drum boom?? let us know your thoughts and memories, all the best!
16 January 2006 - Glasgow
Mark Gillespie |
Hi Tommy, I remember you now you were in the cubs + scouts as well, saw your web site, its a cracker, do you still update it
18 December 2005
Tommy Harrison
Hi Mark,don't worry, I remember you. Your first engagement was along with Harty and myself 1976. Believe it or not, still piping hot with the Franks.
Ps..Harty's sold out, doesn't follow Clyde now.
24 November 2005 - What's it called
Mark Gillespie |
I'm a bit miffed being left out of the list of names of band members of the 70s when I even managed to turn up for the photo, my piping might not have been very good but at least I was there, hello to anyone who remembers me
1 October 2005 - sunny Gourock
Harty.....when u comin back? what about a big return for the 80th anniversary??or is clydebank too far away
19 September 2005 - PC world
Jose |
loa,soy un chico que toca en la Real banda de gaitas de Ourense,ESPAŅA,y en los campeonatos mundiales en Glasgow conoci a una chica q tocaba en esa banda y era mu maja :thumbup: pero no me acuerdo de su nombre,yo me llamo Jose y mgustaria contactar con ella,mgustaria intercambiar partituras y demas,un saludo muy grande desde espaņa :thumbup:
19 August 2005 - Galicia:Spain
Harty |
just rmemebering the good auld days. great memories. glad to see you still go out on Christmas Day. Campion will be looking down with a big smile. and by the way I should be in your 70's roll call as well
11 August 2005 - Canberra ( well Canberra Ave. Clydebank)
John Cassidy |
Great to see the band is still doing well. Keep it up. I remember the days in Moredun convent Paisley, every garden fete. Last gig I saw was Celtic connections with Bagad Kemper in St Francis church, great night. Keep huffin n puffin Cheers John Cassidy Quigleys Point Irish Folk Duo Glasgow.
22 June 2005 - Glasgow
Frantisek (Frank) |
Thank you for your perfomance in Pilsen, it was really great to see you here and listen to your music!
19 June 2005 - Pilsen, Czech Republic

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